...making sure marketing turns to real sales.

Sales covers everything marketing doesn’t and they both work together the rest of the time. Without marketing sales you won't attract business or install confidence with your audience;  and without sales, marketing will not achieve its objectives and therefore all that hard work will be fruitless.

Many businesses need support with sales. This can be from a discrete telephone exercise to call lapsed clients, or research a market to a regular database exercise to send literature and book appointments.

We cover all aspects of sales, and the services are delivered by passionate sales people with lots of experience.

We aren’t pushy sales people, we aren’t that type of team. We are consultative, interested and have a good deal of integrity.

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We have previously provided the following services to companies...

  • Telemarketing
  • Telesales
  • Market Research
  • Sales management
  • Sales meetings
  • Account management (both telephone and physical)
  • Sales strategy
  • Identifying key customers
  • Appointment booking / confirmation
  • Exhibition staff and management

"You have to believe in your sales support when you run a business as they are your lifeblood - without them revenue dries up, so their success is key to your business' success.

So turn on your sales with Empower Marketing."