Social media subheading how social media can help or hinder your business.

We debated about listing this as a separate service to marketing but it really is a unique beast. We love social media as we believe in its ability to connect people, create communities, drive change (and sales) and enhance loyalty.

Social media for business is obviously a completely different kettle of fish compared to how personal accounts are used, and it really can make or break an organisation depending on how it is managed.

We aren’t about building millions of followers just to serve egos, we are about using social media to connect with your true customers and target markets in order to create real sales and opportunity. That could come from a unique set of followers - you don’t need a small country's population to be successful online. By really engaging with your followers will help to shape your business in the future.

Even if you are one of the many that thinks social media won’t work for you - ask us. We agree that social media is not right for everyone but different platforms will work for different audiences. Therefore we would encourage every business to consider social media. We can advise, set up accounts, train you to use them or manage them for you.

We will throw in cake with the coffee if you insist.

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What we do...

  • Develop social media profiles in line with your brand
  • Train you on how to use social media for business
  • Help grow a personality for your business
  • Use social media for search engine optimisation
  • Integrate social with your other marketing channels
  • Graphic design for social media posts
  • Manage or advise on dealing with negative publicity on social
Businessman using social media