Email Marketing – life after GDPR

Now the subject of GDPR is not the most received email in your inbox, think about how your email marketing strategy can improve!

If you abandoned your previous databases – then think about how to build this up again as soon as possible. If you didn’t have a database, now is the time to start. If you kept your databases but are now too scared to send anything, then please read on to find out more.

At Empower Marketing, we have seen time and again the effectiveness of email marketing. It is one of the best, most proactive methods of marketing on a budget (and for those not on a budget!) if done correctly….and providing the data is right.

Just think of GDPR as your friend – now your prospective customers have said they want to hear from you. You maybe sending emails to less people, but the recipients are more likely to open and read the emails as they aren’t getting bombarded from your competitors as often. They choose you – it’s like data dating!

In terms of email content, send them exclusive information, best savings, and engage with their specific interests.

One of the key benefits about email marketing is how much you learn every time you send an email. i.e. who opened it, who clicked on a link, which link, which title made them open more, who went to the website, to which part, for how long….. this can be priceless information that will shape your future campaigns.

Learning about your customer base in this way allows more targeted marketing, more personal messages, more targeted offers and drives business by connecting better with your audience.


Email marketing statistics
Get useful real-time statistics from your email marketing campaigns


The better you get – the better the engagement and the more likely people are to buy or recommend.

Email marketing is a great way to warm people up for sales activities as you know where on your website they have shown the most interest, it can be a great door opener and make a cold call, luke warm at worse.

Using landing pages is a great way to reduce text in your email campaigns and collect that invaluable data.

Just remember, always make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your email communications at any given time, even if they have recently opted in. Make sure they know you care.

If you are sitting there wondering what on earth we are going on about and need expert help in using your data; or want to know where, and how, to buy the right data on a budget, then contact Empower Marketing today.







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