Covid-19: How do I get my business online now?

How do I get my business online now?How do I get my business online now?

Social distancing and various restrictions placed upon businesses has had a HUGE effect on trade and the livelihoods of individuals. Going digital maybe the only way to survive – especially in the short term. So are you asking yourself “How do I get my business online now?”
Personally, we have had contracts postpone over the last week due to Covid-19 as they need to consolidate in the hope they can ride out the storm in order to survive. We completely understand their decision of course but it does leave us in a predicament trying to fill this gap in order to make ends meet during this unprecedented time.
There are now many businesses who are finding they need stronger digital communications and possibly online sales functions (e-commerce websites) because they can no longer rely on face-to-face sales or showrooms.

Social distancing requires businesses to get online today

The postponement of many contracts means that we have availability to action marketing and communication projects within the week. You could have an e-commerce website and a range of digital communication platforms targeting your potential customers in super quick time.

Best rates for experienced freelancers and agencies

As we have had some financial reprieve ourselves next month we are able to reduce our own rates as much as possible. We strongly believe we can get through this by working together (while working remotely).

Our online marketing services:

• FREE ADVICE (for marketing/business support)
• DIGITAL MARKETING (strategy or implementation)
• WEBSITE DESIGN (effective communication or e-commerce website)
• SOCIAL MEDIA (development/growth/management)
• SEO (to benefit from new keyword searches)
• GRAPHIC DESIGN (for effective communications)
• PR (to update the press about your business)

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Please stay safe, social distancing is essential in order to control this escalating virus