Best tools for small businesses, solopreneurs and freelancers

Best tools for small businesses, solopreneurs and freelancers

It can be a challenge from small businesses, freelancers  and solopreneurs to grow their business due to many factors; but lack of time and budget are a consistent obsticle. Thankfully there are numerous ways that technology and external support can help your business achieve the next level of success. Here are some of the best tools for solopreneurs, small businesses and freelancers.

The best smartphones for businesses on the go

Being a small business or solopreneur means you maybe out and about a lot. Smartphones can therefore offer necessary support for virtually any sector. Whether it’s posting to your website, checking your email, or updating your social media, your phone and your data plan needs to be fit for purpose. For example, the iPhone XS Max has a much better battery life than previous models, and boasts a large internal storage capacity, triple camera, and large display screen. The Samsung Galaxy S10 boasts a thin infinity display screen, comparable internal storage, and a good internal processor. There are many great phones on the market, and getting enough mobile data and free minutes maybe more important to avoid your monthly costs escalating. Don’t waste money paying over the odds on a phone that doesn’t do everything you need it to; so if you are unsure of the best option for you, then its worth popping into a local store to discuss exactly what you need for your business. Some networks also offer business packages so its worth asking about these.

Manage your projects effectively

Running a business by yourself can often mean that you’re juggling numerous projects at any given time. This can lead to some pressures when it comes to completing projects and making the best use of your time. Using technological tools can make the difference when running your business. Projects can be managed easily with Trello, while pairing Google Calendar with Calendly can help you keep on top of your scheduled appointments. If you want a tool that combines your presentation and communication tools such as documents, spreadsheets, and email, then G Suite might be a good fit for you.

Marketing is key to growing an SME

Every business needs customers, and it’s not possible to get them if they don’t know about you. If you are experiencing a lack of enquiries and sales leads then it is important to review your sales and marketing strategy. You could potentially do this yourself, or you could contact a marketing expert for a consultation.

Running expensive advertising campaigns that are not delivering an ROI are clear signs that you need help. According to Vipe Cloud, the most important marketing activities are email marketing, SEO content and social media. But it is important to understand your target audience and where the touch points are. Email or social media isn’t for every business and a marketing channel that works for one type of business doesn’t necessarily work for another. There are many communication channels out there so you need to utilise ALL the ones that are right for you.

Take an honest look at your business – where does your expertise lie? What elements or your business are you most passionate about? Do you have the time to do everything you need to do? Could your business grow quicker by avoiding costly mistakes and using experts in their field?

For example, consider hiring freelancers and experts who can deal with your accounts, sales, administration and Marketing support. Having someone manage your website, social media accounts, and advertising campaigns will free up your time to deal with the other aspects of your business while leaving your marketing to the pros.

The joy of outsourcing

Outsourcing to a freelancer or agency also given small businesses a lot more flexibility than recruiting full-time. You can outsource work at any point in a project and work out the terms to reassign them to other tasks as and when needed. You could even outsource to ensure your business keeps running smoothly while you take a well-earned break!

Coffee and nutrition!

Are anything else that will get your going in the morning! Don’t underestimate the value of good nutrition and rest. Your body and mind are the most essential tools to your business and therefore you must look after them.


It can be both challenging and rewarding to run a business on your own. Make sure you’re using all the tools available to you to bring your business the growth and recognition it deserves. If you have any questions with regards to this article or anything else, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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