How sustainability will benefit your business and attract new customers

Sustainability is not just for your home, it also has a very important place in the workplace and can be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. Find out why adopting sustainable practice is very good for business….

Why it’s time to embrace business sustainability

How sustainability will benefit your businessAcross the business world, 62% of executives consider sustainability an essential strategic necessity for success and being competitive. In its most basic terms, sustainability is the process of creating a business approach that has long term value, and dictates the way your business operates in terms of ecological, social and economic environments.

Sustainability is the practice of making sure all of these elements are working harmoniously, in order to be less harmful and more profitable. If you are not focusing on your business sustainability, then the time to act is now. Good intentions are no longer enough. But where do you start?

How a green energy tariff can help your business UK

A great starting point is to look at your energy tariff and find out where you get your energy. A
green energy tariff is one that has an enhanced focus on renewable energy supplies such as wind, solar and wave. Far from being more expensive, you might even find that a green energy tariff is more suitable for your long-term business success.

If you find your current tariff is costing more than it should or you simply want to be on a tariff with a greener focus, then switching your supplier couldn’t be easier. But it does depend on the kind of meter that you have.

How to top up your meter: is it time for a smart move?

Your business most likely has a credit meter, which means you pay for what you use at the end of the month or quarter, depending on your plan. However, you may have a pre-paid meter, which involves loading up your meter with credit before you can receive power. This does give you control over the amount you spend but it may also mean you are paying more topping up your meter than if you had a credit meter.

However, a switch from pre-paid to credit is not always the smartest move. A new generation of smart meters can help you to get more of a handle on what you are using and reduce consumption and energy spend. Ask your provider about smart meters for businesses and see what savings you could make.

Aligning your business strategy with sustainability

How sustainability will benefit your business - smart meters

It’s not enough to just bring on board a few sustainable practices. It needs to be hard wired into everything you do. All aspects of your business practice need to have a sustainable element in order to benefit and feel the long-term rewards. This includes:

  1. Engaging staff and stakeholders
  2. Onboarding new staff and training
  3. Investing in the future
  4. Monitoring and reviewing processes
  5. Collaboration

Ensure sustainability are communicated….in a sustainable way!

Sustainability actions should even be a focus of your marketing and communications. If you would like help making your marketing strategy more sustainable in the long run, you can do so with the help of specialists like Empower Marketing. Strong communications regarding your sustainable efforts leads to attracting new customers and improving brand loyalty.