Shhh! Here’s how you can quickly improve your Search Engine Optimisation

Shhh! Here's how you can instantly improve your Quickly improve Search Engine Optimisation

Why is Search Engine Optimisation so important for business?

  • Up to 93% of all website traffic comes from a search engines
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results
  • The first position on Google’s organic search results has a 34% clickthrough rate
  • When Google went down for 5 minutes, global internet traffic dropped by 40%
  • The top 5 organic results get 70% of all clicks
  • 1 in 6 people around the world use Google
  • 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale on the same day
  • Websites not mobile friendly have experienced a 21% decrease in search engine rankings
  • Users prefer going straight to organic results 94% of the time
  • More than 60% of marketers say improving SEO and growing organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority

First SEO principles to increase website traffic

1. Keyword optimisation

Keywords are the main element of Search Engine Optimisation. You need a clear understand of what your keywords should be. What are your potential customers most likely to be typing in when searching for something? What do your competitors appear high in? Do you want to work hard at appearing higher than competitors, or find a unique search term which may have lower searches but less competition? Can these keywords be easily integrated into your website?

Keyword action plan

  • Write down all relevant keywords you can think of
  • Utilise googles Keyword Planner
  • Check what Google’s suggestions are as you start typing in a question
  • Sites like Quora receive thousands of questions every day. This could help you optimise webpages dedicated to answering these questions

2. SEO tags

Google algorithms analyze your headlines to detect the subject and position it among similar posts. Include a keyword in each title tag so search engines recognise the relevance of your content. And include your company name.

Think of the reader first, a keyword integrated into a page must be natural and make sense. Long gone are the days when fly-by-night seo “professionals” would just litter a webpage with keywords without actually making grammatical sense.

A good title acts invites people to engage with your content. If you are not sure about the title efficiency, check out online tools such as CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. This app creates a headline score and analyzes the overall structure, grammar, and readability of your title.

Also check ALT tags on all your images. Yes these take time but will prove invaluable.

Meta description

Good meta descriptions are very relevant, not only in terms of rankings, but in terms of actually engaging directly with the potential customer.

Ensure keywords naturally appear in your meta descriptions.

Publish valuable content

Don’t post pointless content!  Publish high-quality content on your website that will actually prove useful to someone and is relevant to your expertise.

According to the research, the ideal blog post length is now around 1,600 words. However, plain text can only get you so far. Consider multimedia content to make your content more empowering.

Video reviews

Product review videos generate the best results for online retailers. This type of video content allows users to learn more about your products or services, encouraging them to complete the purchase upon watching.

Monitor and develop strategy with a regular SEO Audit

Regularly examine your website to find any weak spots. Review all the principles above to ensure your site in optimised effectively and continue to keep your website fresh (but don’t change the site constantly as this can confuse your regular visitors and they will stop coming to your site.

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