Marketing communications at Christmas

Christmas in the officeHere’s some great ideas inspired by the Forbes Communications Council to freshen up your marketing campaigns during the Christmas season, and we’ve added a few ideas ourselves!…

1. Make it authentically you 

For example, style Christmas card appropriate to your business or add a festive twist to you products.

2. Embrace nostalgia 

Something traditional that your customers can relate to from the past can go a long way. I remember going into a meeting once and they had ‘Breakaway’ bars on the table, which I used to have as a kid in my packed lunch!

3. Don’t add more seasonal pressure

With so much interest in messaging around the holidays, it’s critical to look at the season from a different mindset. For many, the holidays represent a very stressful time of the year. Brands should look at ways they can remove the stress associated with the holidays.

4. Provide daily ‘giveaways’

Using a countdown approach can really help engage customers, especially on social media.

5. Listen to the customers needs

In a 24/7-digital world, many people are not seeking more stuff. Many would prefer more authentic experiences that allow them to reconnect with others. Package that up and you’re onto a winner!

6. Find a charity

Thats right, Christmas is a time for giving so find ways to support a charity that will engage staff , customers and the local community.

7. Provocate

You can make your voice heard by appealing to a specific audience with something against the grain.

8. Highlights from the past year 

Similar to point 2, a review of the last year can really help engage the audience, whether thats you businesses on achievements, favourite testimonials or tweets, or just key news items from each month.

9. Embrace the weird

Have fun by creating a video that embraces the inner weirdness of your company and its employees! Take time to be authentic and create a personal approach from senior leadership on down.

10. Create an annual tradition 

Traditions promote a sense of structure and consistency while given people something to look forward to.

11. Make it a living experience 

Encourage a get together where staff or customer interact face-to-face. For example, a Christmas jumper day at work or a theme inspired buffet.

12. Create a cool challenge 

Promote a holiday challenge/competition with staff and customers – for example, a caption competition, favourite animal photo, or a bake-off.

13. Make it personal 

Personalize recognition with a choice of holiday gifts that feature employees’ initials. This personal touch shows you took the time to think of something unique and personally meaningful.

14. Make it interactive 

Empower Marketing is about engaging businesses and target audiences. The best way is often through two-way communication. Marketing that requires interaction from the customer brings them into the experience, whether that be physical or online.


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