What is eCommerce Marketing? Ideas, Tools & Strategies for growth in 2021

ecommerce marketingThe way business is done has undergone a massive transformation in the past few years. With the use of smartphones and internet-abled other devices increasing, eCommerce growth has expanded and is rising steeply. 

The past decade has brought an unprecedented surge in the eCommerce industry, with more and more businesses choosing online business models to fuel their sales. 

Today, many online retailers have come up with online stores that help them capture prospective customers. eCommerce marketing ideas are very strategy-oriented and cost-effective and have become an inherent part of a business’s growth plans. 

It is imperative to use impactful and precise marketing tools that help touch base with prospective clients. Whether you are running existing campaigns or rebranding your business ,choosing the right eCommerce marketing tools is the best way to find the right customer base. The choice of these tools is primarily dependent on the eCommerce marketing strategy chosen. 

When an online retailer chooses the right marketing idea, it helps them garnering sales for the business. Making the right choice can also leave a positive impact on the company.

As the business grows further, it needs more refined and focused eCommerce marketing strategies and ideas to evolve.

What is eCommerce marketing?

eCommerce Marketing entails all those activities undertaken to guide prospective buyers through the conversion funnel. eCommerce marketing helps in the following

  • Driving traffic to the online store
  • Creation of eCommerce store awareness
  • Conversion of visitors into the paying customers

Different eCommerce platforms use different marketing strategies, but Amazon is known to use the best eCommerce marketing ideas and strategies. Amazon has, as a retailer, successfully managed to bring a large number of sellers onboard to sell on the Amazon platform while offering extensive customer benefits. 

Online retailers can work effectively by collaborating with various tools to figure out which platform helps to enjoy higher conversion rates. They also need to focus on social media, SEO, Google Ads, and more to bring more traffic. 

In this highly volatile and dynamic business world, marketing algorithms and tactics keep on evolving. Thus, to keep an eye on the highest returns on marketing spend, it is important to select the best eCommerce marketing plan. 

It is prudent to understand here that there is no magic wand that can help drive eCommerce sales and build brand awareness. Choose eCommerce marketing practices along with critical thinking abilities to expedite growth.

It is vital to choose an eCommerce tool that works as per precise business requirements. While choosing a tool, budget and technical skills also need to be kept in mind besides scalability, onsite search, mobile-friendliness, SEO, and more. Here are a few eCommerce marketing channels that can help a business. 

  • Email Marketing: This tool helps in converting prospective customers into paying customers. Email is the ultimate choice when it comes to conversions. 
  • Social Advertising: Social advertising to maintain an active social media presence is another tool that helps in conversions. It helps target a defined audience, organizations, and people interested in the business and can share their contact details. 
  • Google Analytics: This analytic tool relies on data science to understand the customers’ wants and needs. These statistics give a quick idea of what the customers are looking for and how they can be attracted to a store. 
  • SMS Marketing: Text marketing tool helps you get contacts that are a very significant aspect of your business. In the absence of customer contacts, keeping them engaged is nothing less than daunting. 
  • SEO Tools: Using Search Engine Optimisation tools, businesses can show up higher in online search results. SEO imparts the power to reach an extended target base looking for your product or service-related information. It also helps improve visibility on SERPs. 
  • Google Ads: Google Ads tool helps by increasing product and brand exposure. It helps to create campaigns that help drive customers to the website. These ads target particular audiences based on keywords or location, and the business pays for actual results. 
  • eCommerce platforms- eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify help in an automatic synching of crucial customer data between an eCommerce system and your platform. 

Top eCommerce marketing Strategies to use in 2021

1. Pay per click or Paid Ads 

Pay-per-click or PPC is an internet marketing model where marketers pay a fee every time an ad gets clicked. It is one of the ways to buy visits to a website.

Google Shopping ads- Google shopping ads include rich and complete product information like product price, image, and description, along with the merchant’s name. 

Display Advertising- Also referred to as banner advertising, display advertising puts forward a commercial message visually in videos, animations, logos, images, text, photographs, and graphics. 

Retargeting Ads- Retargeting ads help businesses by reminding their online visitors to the services or products they left behind in the cart. Visiting certain pages helps in retargeting them with the help of visual and texts ads.  

2. Content marketing

It is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content, attracting and retaining a targeted audience. Finally, it drives to ultimate profitable customer action. 

3. Delivery and unboxing experience 

Delivery of the product at the doorstep to the product’s unboxing is a very impactful and exciting experience. Brands make this experience richer to make the whole process an unforgettable experience for the customers. A successful unboxing experience is created by using branded boxes, product presentations, unique packing material, a personalized touch, important inserts, and more.

Shipping Box design: Choose a unique shipping box design that resonates with your brand and leaves a lasting impression on the customer. 

Coupon codes inside the box: Another way to leave an impact on the customers is by giving away deals and coupons in the box. Such coupons and deals attract the customers to visit the store and make the most of the deal available. 

Unboxing videos: Create impactful and amazing unboxing videos. Watching these videos will enhance the audiences’ curiosity and take a step to find out more about the product or brand.  

4. Email marketing ideas

Email marketing is another eCommerce marketing idea that engages a customer and converts him into a paying customer. It is carried out in several ways like new customer email flows, browsing follows up flows, abandoned cart emails, targeted offers, etc. 

5. Onsite marketing

Several elements in onsite marketing motivate people to visit different areas of their site. They can view the product, leave their email, and proceed to take the next step.

Forms – Forms are the best way to make a casual visitor become paying your customer. As he agrees to be on your email list, the conversion chances increase. Ensure the form is not too intrusive. 

Email sign-ups- It requires a lot of skills to make a visitor sign-up for email. Once signed up, the chances of conversion also increases. 

Products pages- The website’s products page must be equally attractive, and the content copy plays a vital role in this regard. Product images and videos must be high in quality. 

6. Selling through social media

It is another way of attracting customers and making them aware of its presence. 

Instagram: This platform has become more than a photograph sharing venue. It has become a channel where brands can showcase their products and directly reach out to the end customers. The platform also allows customers to place orders. 

Facebook: Facebook has always been one of the leading social media platforms helping users’ network with potential customers. This platform can be leveraged to enjoy the best results. 

Youtube: It is important to create high-quality videos that leave a lasting impression on the audience to leverage the YouTube channel. The videos must be meaningful and crisp. 

7. Market Your Business Beyond Geographic Boundaries 

When choosing the internet for your marketing efforts, geographical boundaries must be transcended. At the same time, eCommerce websites must understand what products to offer to which region. 

For example, you cannot sell Asian spices in Greenland. Geo-marketing requires marketers to engage with different audiences, as this needs to be considered when coming up with a marketing plan. 

8. Highlight Reviews

Ratings and reviews help eCommerce websites to a significant extent. The majority of online customers check reviews and ratings before making an online purchase. 

What people have to say about a product or a brand is the best way to know real-time experiences, and accordingly, decisions are taken. 

9. Optimise for voice search

In these modern times, businesses need to rely on a system that is voice-search optimized. It makes it easy to capture the audience who want to get quick answers without typing their queries or concerns. 

10. Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is another important eCommerce marketing idea that works well in helping brands with the potential to grow. In this idea, people with influence are chosen to talk about a brand or product. These are people who have already carved a niche in a specific industry. People listen to them and make buying decisions. 

ecommerce marketing

Useful eCommerce marketing tools

1. Prisync

It is a popular tool that offers a software price that helps in understanding competition, listening, price optimization and maximizing revenue from dashboards. These dashboards allow competitor price analysis. This tool is available for trial before purchase.

2. Keap

It is also one of the leading tools that provide features like marketing automation, CRM Management, sales handling, and conversion integration. It is available at a reasonable price, and buying it is a great idea as it helps maintain lead details, regularizing daily work, and automated follow-ups. 

3. Rejoiner

Rejoiner is an effective and efficient platform that helps in email management with marketing consultation. It helps to regulate email flows and deliver emails with a personal touch. It also reduces abandoned carts, smart segmentation of customers, and enhancing conversion rates.

4. AdNabu 

AdNabu is one of the leading tools predominantly used in businesses to improve Google Ads sales for eCommerce companies. This software helps increase sales when running Google shopping, searching, and displaying campaigns in Google Ads. 

It is a Google Ads, a cloud-based platform providing Artificial Intelligence functionality to businesses. Here, it helps in managing conversions and sales. Some pertinent features of AdNabu are marketing automation, channel analytics, product synching, and targeted ads. 

5. TaggShop

It is a cutting-edge visual eCommerce software platform that allows businesses to empower B2B clients. It helps them, curate, discover, and aggregate user-generated content from different platforms and display them as targeted content. 

The software also ensures audience engagement with potential customers. It also gives analytics on performance, gives insights into sales traffic, and facilitates easy and simple management with dashboards. 

6. YoGrow 

YoGrow is a popular eCommerce analytics tool that helps businesses keep their growth and sales targets right on track. It also comes with features that make it easier to generate readable email reports, measure performance, and gather data to identify current buzz and trends. 

7. DotDigital 

This software helps in facilitating an engagement interface for the customers. It also helps the team convert customer insights and data into personalized campaigns for revenue and marketing channels. 

This tool’s main features are bespoke customer campaigns, hassle-free email campaign management, real-time customer support, and a lot more. 

8. Promo

Promo is a reputed video maker tool. It allows professionals to ensure their business growth with crisp and meaningful videos generating leads with a creative focus. The tool also provides feasibility for promoting any product or service through videos that are replete with limitless creative options. 

Businesses as a platform publish a lot of creative content that helps create leads by getting in touch with millions of customers. It also allows videos to be generated across several social media platforms for a broader reach. 

9. Reactful

Reactful is an interesting and efficient tool that helps by capturing leads via an AI-driven personalized approach, expanding page views, and providing an amazing experience that expands engagement aiming at conversions. 

It provides an easy-to-use interface and helps by boosting engagement. It results in improved customer conversions. It also comes up with features like scrolls, swipes, and click features with guidance and personal notification. 

10. Triberr 

It is a reputed and impactful content marketing platform that increases social reach and enhances content through the focused and targeted reach of Triberr consisting of influencers and professional bloggers. It also helps to get more shares as the social presence expands. 

This tool provides the perfect platform for user-generated content, bloggers, and influencers to collaborate to create a content network that targets prospective customers, finally converting them into sales. 


Online retailers are faced with much higher stakes when striving hard to make it big in the online world. They are competing with sellers who have already flooded the market from Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, and other giant retailers. 

Competition has also increased from direct-to-consumers retailers. Thus, the time has come to concentrate on more high-end ideas that can help overcome these challenges. 

It can be both challenging and rewarding to run a business on your own. Make sure you’re using all the tools available to you to bring your business the growth and recognition it deserves. If you have any questions with regards to this article or anything else, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Guest Post: AdNabu helps improve sales in Google Ads for eCommerce companies. If you are running the search, google shopping, or display campaigns in Google Ads, This software will be able to increase your sales. Edited: Empower Marketing Ltd

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