How to gain new business through repeat business

Profiling customers

Don’t forget that the customer you want is like the customer you’ve already got. Understanding the profile of your existing client base in more detail will help you discover other avenues to find new business.

Investing time and money into securing repeat business will help you understand your client base better (i.e. their buying habits, higher engagement on social media). What is more, it will cost you less than having to rely on new business to sustain your income.

Kwik Fit example

I MOT my car at Kwik Fit every year because they keep in touch and let me know 6 weeks before, 4 weeks before, 2 weeks before and call me to book it in as I always forget to call back or do anything! They do not let me go as a customer because they know their process to look after my requirements is very cost effective.

They also no doubt appreciate that a regular and loyal customer is more likely generate business for them via word-of-mouth (well, after all I’m praising them right now!).

Referral schemes

Referral schemes can be a very effective method of attracting business and generating additional income. Kwik Fit often ask me to refer a friend and get £10 off a service – double win – they may get a new customer and also it up-sells me to a service which I often get elsewhere.

Many large businesses regularly use referral schemes as they clearly work, but it is often not part of a marketing strategy for small businesses even though they can be very cost effective. So if you’re a small business, why not try introducing a referral scheme for your customers?

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