Speak your way to business growth

We have just submitted a synopsis for a speaker opportunity at EMEX for one of our key clients. EMEX is an Energy Exhibition in London ran annually which attracts a large number of target clients for this business.

Speaker slots are often an extremely good way to generate free publicity for your business and can provide ongoing content for social media and PR after the event from photographs, videos, and top tips from the event.

Thinking through your synopsis can often be much harder than the delivery of the speaker session itself as you are being judged against your peers with often a 100 word snapshot of what you can offer the audience.

You need to think “If I was in the audience what would I want them to share with me?” Information about failure can be received just as was as success. Pitfalls, lessons learned and genuine case studies can all work well.

Speaking slots are a fantastic opportunity to show people, potential customers and current customers that you know your stuff! Being a speaker adds credibility to you and your business and gives you a chance to boost your visibility.

On the negative, if you get a speaker slot you are on show…. you are being videoed and forever committed to what you say!

Most exhibition and conference organisers look for fresh, new speakers and interesting content – it brings in footfall for them. Make a list of the most influential exhibitions and conferences in your sector and contact them. Ask them what they would love to hear about, how can you help each other, give them your unique take.

Empower Marketing strive to put you in your marketing and there is no better way than this. If required we can assist you in identifying the right exhibitions and conferences and apply on your behalf.

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