Time To Get Personal With Personalisation

Personalisation in marketing

Personalisation is the current BUZZ in marketing. But what is it and how do you achieve it?

It is safe to say that the only clear route to personalization is knowing your customer. This may seem easy and obvious, but it is not always that easy and many companies pay little attention to this crucial element of data collection and maintenance.

With GDPR making it harder to gain and retain data, ensuring it works for you has become an even greater priority.

Knowing your customer requires a rich, 360 degree view of them in real time and understanding the buying cycle of a customer and your selling process, often referred to as the consumer journey.

Knowing your customer
Knowing your customer will help you deliver the right product/service to the right person

If you know your customer creating impactful marketing becomes easier as you can talk to them in a way they will hopefully relate and respond to. It will also assist with defining and refining how these messages are delivered.

The process becomes cyclic and each marketing activity brings back new data and is measured enriching the process for the next message.

Empower Marketing can assist you in developing customer personas for your business or reviewing your current personas and discussing with you how to make the most of your data creating rich engaging content to drive business.