Is your business voice ready?

You may think your business is mobile ready, but are you voice ready? As more and more people are on the go, and technology continues to develop, the use of voice to search for businesses and services is increasing.

In America the use of voice assistants is expected to grow by 128.9% in 2018, compared to 2017. That’s 35.6 million Americans using voice to search at least once a month.

So what is the issue for those businesses that are up-to-date with a great website and keywords? Well, when you use online search engines like Google or Bing you get pages of results so even if you’re not top, you may get seen. However, voice searches are much more restricted, it is likely to only deliver the top result and therefore you really need to make sure you’re at the very top!

So think about content and keywords and use natural conversational language. Think about what someone would ask if they were talking to someone trying to find your business….

Google often prefills or guesses and hints – voice can’t, so your way of being found needs to become even more “human.

If you would like a review of your current keywords or to discover what they are and how to become voice ready, contact Empower Marketing today!